Augusta Wedding Among the Vineyards

You ever have those days that you wake up and know it is going to be an amazing day? Well this was one of them.

Laura is a coworker at the veterinary clinic I work at, and also a great friend. I was blessed enough to be present when Josh proposed, during their engagement session with their sweet dog who is no longer with us, and during their wedding planning!

The more we talked at work about her wedding details, the more I knew it was going to be a dream.

Any time a vineyard is involved, guys, I'M IN! I mean, the rows of vines, acres of open fields, and um WINE!

Yes, yes I love my wine. Let's see how the day went!

Laura & Josh's day got started at the peaceful and impressive Red Brick Inn in the quaintly beautiful town of Augusta, MO. The Red Brick Inn is appropriately named due to its red brick inner and outer walls. This made for a perfect setting for Josh and Laura to begin their day.

Laura was absolutely stunning as hair and make-up was completed.

As Laura was getting ready, I snagged some of my absolute favorite detail shots to date. Check these out:

Laura's dress was a beautiful lace dress from Wedding Creations in Washington, MO that featured a fitted bodice that relaxed at the knee and finished with a gorgeous train.

She was as confident as she was beautiful. Her look was made complete with a gorgeous floral crown by Charlottes Flowers and Gifts in Troy, MO.

Josh was obviously nervous but also excited. If you know these two, you know that Josh absolutely dotes upon Laura. You can see his nervous excitement before the ceremony:

In all honesty I do not like to get much more than simple shots at the ceremony, I LOVE witnessing ceremonies and try my best not to get all up in everyones business as they are concentrating being joined as a union. That being said, I did get a few shots and this was my favorite. You can just see how happy Josh is by the way he is looking at his bride.

One the ceremony was over, we got to take a few moments, just the three of us and get some gorgeous shots. The absence of a bridal party made this wedding so romantic and personal. I loved every minute.

The reception was just as beautiful as the ceremony, with gold, wine, roses, and more wine.

I am so happy I was able to be a part of it as a photographer, and later in the evening, as a guest!

Please join me in extending a warm congratulations to the newlyweds, and wish them a good Honeymoon to Mexico!

Happily Ever After, XOXO

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