Small Town USA Sweetheart Shoot

Ever have a town that just captures your heart?

I have a few. My hometown of New Melle being one, the other being Old Monroe, MO where my husband grew up.

For those of you who don't know where Old Monroe is, it is a town on the East side of Lincoln County, Just north of St. Charles county. Minutes from O'Fallon, especially with the short drive up highway 79.

Like and small town, there is usually some portion that makes it unique. Some historic feature, old water tower, famous resident; Old Monroe has two unique features. One being the Cuivre River which hugs the southern limits of the city, the other is the railroad which runs right through its heart. Both of these make this town as charming as it is beautiful.

A photographers paradise, this little town has its fair share of rustic structured backdrops, so it's obvious that I was dying to shoot here.

Insert Amber & Todd.

Amber was the lucky winner of a summer session give away. I was particularly excited because I showed steers in 4-H with Amber, and she knows my family, and my husbands family well. Oh, and because her and her ling time boyfriend are adorable.

Meet the couple.

So adorable am I right? Well let me just tell you how adorable their session was. Amber & Todd's sweetheart session was filled with hugs, kisses, whispers, and those super cute looks and hand holds that make you giddy. And only some of them were posed.

Check out more from their sweetheart session here:

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