Pre-Wedding Prep

Weddings can be hard for both photographer and bride alike. Here are a few things you can do to make sure the photography portion of your big day, goes as smoothly as possible.

Pay your photographer before the big day:

To me, this one is more for the brides convenience. There is nothing worse than having to pay several different vendors the day-of. That means writing out checks, and often hand delivering them to each vendor through out the day. Girl, you will be way too busy to want to worry about that. I would much rather get the payment taken care of before or even after the wedding date, than have getting me paid as a priority. On another note, a lot of often unexpected expenses will come up right around crunch time, and you don't want to realize you didn't have enough in your budget for everything. That is why I recommend getting the big stuff paid off weeks, even months before the wedding day.

Have a hair/make-up trial:

We all know that 99% percent of the female population has a wedding board on their Pinterest, with several different gorgeous hair and make-up styles. What would be worse than choosing one for your big day only to find you hate the way it falls around your face, or to that the pretty pink lip you wanted totally clashes with your florals? These little details can be worked out months in advance with a hair-make-up trial. Most artists will gladly get you gussied up beforehand to make sure that everything is exactly how you like it for the big day. I always love when my future-brides come to the engagement session with professional hair and make-up done, so your engagement session could be a great occasion to test drive both your photographer, and your hair/make-up!

Have a final photography consult within the last week pre-wedding:

This is something essential to the planning process for both your photographer, and the rest of your bridal party. Since your photographer will be with you through the entire day, he/she can help with a timeline and help to keep everyone on track. Personally, I come up with a custom timeline for all of my brides and don't usually finalize it until after the final consultation. This is something that can either be done in person or over the phone. We know you are busy!

Gather items the day-of for detail shots:

Detail shots are something that can be absolutely stunning, with the right amount of preparation and time. In order to make detail shots go easily and quickly, (so we can move onto other things like your beautiful self) you can get these items, and things like them together and have them ready for your photographer when they arrive. Dress, veil, bridesmaids dresses, shoes, jewelry, perfume, florals, fabric swatches, rings, invitations and corresponding stationary, programs, Old-New-Borrowed-Blue details, and whatever else you can think of that has sentimental value. We like to get these out of the way when we start so you can go on about using them!

Allow enough time for photos:

Sometimes brides can get caught in between a budget decision, and wanting to get stunning images of their wedding day. If photographers need to rush through or skip certain shots because of time constraints, in all fairness, you may not be able to get the shots back that you were hoping for. Make sure you discuss how much time will be needed for prep, transportation, location changes, and other things that may cause a time crunch. A second photographer is a must when limited time is available, but that is something that will have to be budgeted into your wedding day photography.

Designate person for family photos:

Chances are, your photographer does not know more than a few, if any members of your extended family. If family photos are requested, please make sure that a specific family member is designated before hand for family wrangling measures. It also helps to inform family at your rehearsal dinner when and where they will be needed for family photos. Your photographer will work with said family member to call the proper family members into place when they are needed.

Give your photographer a list of vendors:

Photographers love networking with other vendors at weddings. It is very helpful for us to know what kinds of vendors will also be present, to help plan out the wedding timeline. For example, the photographer may want to reach out to the videographer to plan on where they will be for the first kiss.. etc. Having a vendor list makes it easy for us to know who were are working with, and what we can look forward to.

Thank you for reading, I hope your wedding planning goes wonderfully!

Audrey Lee- Audrey Lee Photography

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