Kristen + Tim- Forest Park Engagement

When you think of perfectly polished, modern, and elegant places for photos of any kind, Forest Park, St. Louis MO should definitely come to mind.

I don't use Forest Park as often as I feel like I could simply because the drive is just under an hour from my house. Driving, however, is something I do not mind at all so I think I will start using this location much more often! I love the versatility and architectural beauty of the park.

Meet Kristen and Tim! I met with Kristen a few weeks ago and we hit it off right away. We both fed off of eachother's excitement of their wedding venue (Haue Valley), and the fact that we are both August brides. Kristen told me that her school was very close to Forest Park and her and Tim used to visit often. I am always so glad to hold sessions that have meaning to my couples.

A lot of times, the first time I will meet the grooms is at the engagement session. When I met Tim he struck me as such a kind and sweet soul, I knew the three of us would have a great session.

You may notice in these photos that it is cloudy, and let me tell you, we were literally racing the rain to get our whole session in. I think it was pouring everywhere else in St. Louis at one point besides Forest Park and that I am thankful of, because we got some darling images.

BONUS TIPS for if there is rain in the forecast for your session:

So falling rain is the only type of weather I can not shoot in. My camera is not a fan of getting wet, and I am sure you aren't either.

If there is rain in the forecast a few days before your session, I will most likely opt to wait it out. We all know how temperamental Missouri weather can be. Cloudy one minute, sunny the next. I don't typically call the session at least the day before.

If there is falling rain in the forecast earlier in the day, I usually just play it by ear.

If we have to reschedule, we pick a date as close as I can possibly accommodate to your original date. Especially for engagement sessions, I know you all sometimes have deadlines for ordering save-the-dates.

Back to this sweet couple. We decided to just go for our to-do list of locations within the park, knowing there were several great covered options if it did decide to downpour on us. Luckily, besides a few rain drops, we did not get the rain we were fearing.

Oh, and we made a new rule we will be testing out, rain on your engagement photo day means no rain on your wedding day. Knock-on-wood.

I hope you all enjoy this session as much as I did, and enjoy a bonus photo of my sister, Chloe, and I at the Derby (that we did get rained on all day).

Cheers, Audrey


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