Kelly + Matt Hometown Engagement

Something I am always looking for for my couples is new and beautiful landscapes for their engagement photos. For my style to come out the best, I need wide and open areas, perhaps fields, roads, meadows.

Well Kelly and Matt delivered all of these.

I am always a fan when clients suggest locations. The place with has meaning to them, or something about it sticks out to them that they would like to capture. I have a few parks I normally recommend but using family farms is always a great way to ensure the couple's photos are absolutely unique to them.

I was blessed this fall to be able to shoot a wedding that Kelly was a bridesmaid in. The group of girls was so fun and a lot of them had even grown up with my husband in Old Monroe. I really love that small town feel.

Another fun note, Kelly and Matt actually announced their engagement to their friends during a party bus trip on one of our buses. How fun is that?

These two were so so fun and easygoing to work with. And the smiles? All real. Kelly and Matt couldn't stop smiling and giggling, and I definitely did not mind.

We made our way around the gorgeous 800 acre property that got more and more beautiful with every turn in the road. We probably saw about 20 deer, so there was definitely some hunter envy going on there.

Check out more from their gorgeous family farm session below:

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